She believes in loving whole heartedly and that a good cup of coffee & a chat with a friend can heal all. She prefers books to TV,  coffee over tea, and autumn over summer. She’s a creature of habit and finds happiness over the simplest things. 

She’s a wife, creator, writer, photographer, reader and overall enthusiast for this life. She finds comfort in her worn in Toms, a cozy cable knit sweater, repeat episodes of Gilmore Girls and a nice glass of white wine. 

She believes we create the life we want to live. She believes a home is a place of love, laughter and comfort. She believes candles and cozy blankets should be in plentiful. She believes books should be displayed not hidden away, pictures scattered around and that a home well lived in is always better than perfect. 

She believes in eating to nourish, but never denies herself the pleasure of eating a Reeses or bowl of ice cream. Moderation is they key to happiness. Cooking is not her bones, but continues to give it her best shot. 

She believes in making lists and turning her memories into stories for the future. She believes in the magic of paper and printed pictures. She believes everyone has a story to tell and loves to make connections with others that share her passions. 

She believes in writing it all out- the good, the bad, the boring, the exciting, the funny, the sad. Writing can change perspective and makes her heart happy. 

She believes in choosing joy.
She believes in milk chocolate with almonds. 
She believes in dreaming big & not stopping until you get there.
She believes in learning & failing. 
She believes in living in the now and is excited for the future.