Dear Eloise // Week 18

Dear Eloise,

You are full of personality and spunk my sweet girl! Your smile is infectious. You grin ear to ear when you see our faces. Nothing makes me happier then holding you, playing with you and kissing you! You are a bundle of pure love & joy. You love be on the floor, especially kicking your little piano. Everything and anything including our faces go directly into your mouth. I’m not sure if you’re teething or just exploring! You are rolling more frequently from your belly to your back and from your back to your side. I would say that on some days you realize you have feet, but on others you’re not totally sure. You babble up a storm, mostly oh’s and ah’s; you also love looking in the mirror, it illicit’s an automatic smile! You scoot yourself backwards when you’re on your back and love when we blow raspberries on your belly!

Daycare is getting easier for both of us (if we’re being honest I still cry at drop-off on my way to work). You sometimes let them squeeze milk in from the bottle but sucking on it still doesn’t happen much. You love watching your friends- always quite the observer! You still have a bit of a head cold, but I’m thinking that comes with winter and daycare. I miss you terribly when we are apart but I cherish the time even more when we are together.

Sometimes I catch myself getting frustrated, mostly at night around 2am because I’m exhausted and you’re up for the 4th time. I quickly give myself a little pep talk, because I know that you are only going to be this little for so long and that before I know it these middle of the night wakes up’s to eat, play, snuggle and babble won’t happen.

You are teaching me more and more every day. My mom always told me that she loves me to the moon and back, well sweet girl my love for you is the same. I love every sweet little inch of you, from your cute little toes to your small bald spot on the back of your head.

Love always,

your mama

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