Dear Eloise // Week 17

Dear Eloise,

17 weeks of your chubby little cheeks.
17 weeks of your cute little hands and toes.
17 weeks of your snuggles.
17 weeks of being your mama.

Lately you have been nursing more frequently and when you nurse you like to take your hand and stroke my face or tuck it in my shirt somewhere. We have been nursing a lot in your rocking chair lately, mostly because you get distracted by everything right now and so it is easier if we go somewhere quiet. You also like to be silly sometimes while we nurse, you stop every minute or so, flash me this big smile and then nuzzle back down, it almost like you’re checking to make sure I am still there, it is my favorite. You play on the floor a lot now, hating tummy time less, rolling a little more and have found your feet a few times. Sometimes when you look at your feet you give this quizzical look, like, “are those mine?” You are a chatterbox! You coo and babble constantly which we love, and you love when we do it back. For Christmas we got you a play mat with a piano you can kick and you like to make the sound by kicking but you also love to use your feet to kick the objects hanging. You also got a little bear attached to a tiny blanket that is velvet and silk, your face lights up every time I give it to you and you love to suck on it. Diaper changes are still your favorite, you love every part of it and the smiles and giggles I get during it are the best.

You have taught me so much over these 17 weeks, you have taught me how to let the little things go, how things don’t always need to be perfect, how to speak up, how to have grace with myself and how to see magic in everything. You are an observer sweet girl, perfectly content with watching the world and taking it all in. Everything you see is for the first time, it is all new and I love watching you learn.

I hope you learn to see the good in others. I hope you love fearlessly. I hope you are kind and thoughtful. I hope you have big dreams and chase them fiercely. I hope you seek adventure and learn the value of self-care. I hope you never stop learning. Most of all I always hope you know how much you are loved.

Love always,
your mama

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