Dear Eloise // Week 16

Dear Eloise,

We get to celebrate your first Christmas tomorrow! 16 weeks on the exact day we found out about you. Christmas has always felt magical and wonderful but finding out we were expecting a little one on Christmas Eve last year and now having you in my arms makes this whole season so much more magical and joyful.

Your personality is really starting to shine through. You get really vocal in the morning and when you’re getting tired. You still love to nurse more than anything else and I cherish all the times I get to nurse you. I think you have hit your 4 month sleep regression, you have been waking up 6-8 times a night between your head cold and being hungry. You have your first real cold (it has been hanging around for a few weeks) and your dad and I wish we could make it go away, thankfully though you are still as happy as can be. You smile all the time from ear to ear, which melts my mama’s heart every single time. You haven’t quite found that belly laugh but we try hard for it every day! Right now it is more of a giggle. You just started to be interested in toys/your play mat, you now reach for almost anything that is in distance to reach and it always goes directly in your mouth.

I am off next week, which means a whole week of playing, snuggling and time with you, there is nothing better. I can’t wait to help you open presents and to dance around the house to Christmas music.

Keep smiling and laughing sweet girl.

Love always,
your mama

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