Dear Eloise // Week 15

Dear Eloise,

Well, we survived your second week at daycare, there were a few less tears on my end, but still twice daily phone calls to check in on you. Every part of me aches for you when I am at work, my days are spent trying to learn a new job and be the best I can be there, but my thoughts constantly float back to you. Are you eating? Are you sleeping? Are you getting enough snuggles? I am sure it will get easier with time, but I don’t think missing you will ever change.

You change on a daily basis. You have your first cold, which has been less than fun. Nights and mornings are hard, you get so stuffy and start coughing, sometimes that cough turns into an awful high pitched noise and can wake your dad out of a dead sleep, where he then shakes me to make sure you are still breathing. We took you to the doctor just to be sure the cough was nothing serious, my mama gut told me it wasn’t but taking a risk with you is just something I cannot do! She confirmed it was just a bad head cold and that with so many different colds going around you would probably be sick until Spring, lets hope that isn’t true!

You met your grandmother for the first time, they came from NC to visit for a few days. Everyone wanted to hold you and play with you, I just wanted to sweep you up in my arms and never let you go. I have never felt a love so strong, it is like my heart is on the outside of my body. Being your mama is the best gift I have ever gotten. Your dad is right there with you though, I love him something fierce. My love has only grown for him since watching him take on the role of your dad.

You are starting to use your voice more, a slight giggle came out the other day, but we are still waiting for those belly laughs! Sometimes when you want to laugh you open your mouth really wide and your eyes go big, but nothing comes out, it makes us laugh even more. Picking you up at daycare and being back at work has made me appreciate my time even more with you, I hate counting down the days, but the weekends are my favorite because I get full days with you.

Christmas time is such a magical time and getting to share it with you (even know you have no idea what is going on) has been the best. You love the glow of the tree, you think it is funny when I sing Christmas songs to you, and you love the Little Blue Truck Christmas book. You have just started to really look at the pictures while we read your stories, which makes it even better. You still hate the bottle, want nothing to do with a pacifier, and love to be held by your mama. Your smile lights up the room, it melts my mama heart each time.

Keep smiling. Keep growing. Keep learning.

Love always,
your mama

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