Dear Eloise // Week 14

Dear Eloise,

14 weeks and becoming more and more amazing with each day that passes. This past week brought a lot of change for us. Daycare for you, a new job for your mama. Not spending my days with you is incredibly difficult and I cried every morning after dropping you off. When I pick you up it feels like Christmas morning, it is the best part of my entire day. At daycare you seem to be doing okay, besides not eating. You are content and happy, you still love being held by your teachers. I know it will get easier, but I don’t think I will ever stop missing those moments with you. I just keep telling myself this new job means more time with you, in two weeks we have Christmas break and this summer we will get to go back to spending every day together.

You have quite the personality. You have the biggest ear to ear grin when you see us and you LOVE to lay on the floor and kick those little legs while we lay next to you and chat. You have your first cold, I was hoping it was just a bit of a runny nose but it seems to have turned into a little head cold. I don’t have a stellar immune system so I am not sure how much my breastmilk is doing for you antibodies wise! Sorry sweet girl.

There is never enough time to hold you. To play with you. To cuddle with you. To make you smile. To make you giggle. The days pass too fast, but I am working on making the most of our minutes together. You are the greatest thing that has happened to us.

We had a Christmas party with some friends and you were the star of the show, everyone wanted to hold you and it made me miss you even more. You were of course content and happy all night. We drove to Maine to visit grandma and grandpa to get a Christmas tree. We drove back in a snow storm, your first actual snow fall! Driving home was awful and my anxiety was on a whole new level having you in the car, but your dad was wonderful as always and made sure we got home safe and sound.

We love you more than anything sweet girl. Keep growing. Keep smiling. Keep learning.

Love always,
your mama

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