November Traditions

Every November the leaves fall to the ground. The weather turns crisp. The days become shorter. November is the start of the holiday season and a time where I get nostalgic and traditions and celebrations become more important. Now that we have a little one, the holidays feel even more magical, traditions feel even more important and finding ways to make the days during this season more special have become a goal.

A and I started a thankful jar in 2011, when we moved into our first apartment together in Boston. I made a little glass jar that said “thankful” on it and ripped up some scrap paper and we wrote something every day in November that we were thankful for. Well this year the jar got an upgrade and I found some gold tags to write on. I plan to string the gold tags into a mini book and keep adding to it year after year.

One of the rules of the thankful jar is that we cannot read what the other person writes until the end of November. This makes it more entertaining. Writing down something we are thankful each day, helps keep us grateful and grounded. This life is full of wonderful, magical and amazing moments, but sometimes we get so lost in the hustle and bustle that we forget just how wonderful it is. This is a simple and nice way to remind us.

Do you have family traditions for the holidays?

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