Dear Eloise // Week 9

Dear Eloise,

You are two whole months. 9 weeks have passed incredibly fast and I am sure it will always feel that way. There will never be enough cuddles, enough play time, enough reading, enough time just spend staring at you. With each passing day though you change and grow and learn, which I love watching.

You are cooing and making so many noises lately. You love being on the floor if your dad or I are with you, but man do you hate it when I leave the room. I love that you recognize our voices and that you turn towards us when you hear them. I left you with your dad for the first time and it was hard but it was a wonderful bonding experience for the two of you. You cried and cried, but your dad was able to soothe you (even if he did trick you into thinking you were being breastfed). I came home and it felt like Christmas to have you back into my arms, so much so that I took you with me every where I went the rest of the weekend.

Nursing. I could write a novel on this topic. I wanted so badly to stop around 5 weeks, it hurt so bad, I was exhausted, and it was lonely. I loved being able to bond with you, but I was struggling and my body hurt. Well baby girl, we are 9 weeks in and I now love it. I am so glad I didn’t stop. You latch like a pro, you eat about every 2-3 hours (sometimes every 45 minutes or when you are tired and need to fall asleep), and you eat with purpose so or nursing sessions have become a lot shorter. I love everything about nursing you sweet girl.

We skipped out on your two month shots, which I was nervous for all week. We go back next week instead and thankfully your dad can come, because I think I might do worse than you. I cannot wait to see how much you have grown! You still eat like a champ! You officially have two different cries which helps me to know what you need- one for one you are hungry and another when you belly hurts.

I didn’t think I could love your dad more, but watching him take care of you makes my heart grow a million times larger. My heart is so full of love between the two of you, I have never been so lucky.

Grow, grow, grow sweet girl. Take in the world and never forget how magical and wonderful this precious life is.

Love always,
your mama

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