Dear Eloise // Week 6

Dear Eloise,

6 weeks has flown by, you are much less of a tiny newborn and more of a baby now (if that makes any sense). You seem less fragile to me now. I don’t sweat as much getting you dressed, I don’t fret over if you are eating enough (because you eat a lot!), and I don’t fret too much about going out to do things with you. We are in full swing of dad being back at work and it’s just me and you. I tend to go a bit stir crazy so we try to get out of the house every day, you like taking walks, you are starting to like Target more and more (trust me you will get there), you like to read books in the rocking chair and stare at me on the floor while we do tummy time.

6 weeks and this whole mama things seems a whole lot easier. You have nights where you sleep like a champ, 2 hours never felt so good and you have nights where you want to eat every 45 minutes, but thats okay too. I would be lying if I said I didn’t love our middle of the night cuddles even if I am completely exhausted. I have 6 more weeks home with you and every time I think about it I start to cry, how am I supposed to go from spending every minute with you, to seeing your for just a few hours a day? It will be hard, like all transitions are, but we will make it through together.

You have started to smile, like real genuine smiles, in response to my funny sounds, voice or facial expressions. It is the BEST. I probably spend about half of our day trying to get you to smile because it makes my mama heart swell.

6 weeks seems like a turning point, the days feel less long, less overwhelming, less stressful. The days feel easier, magical and wonderful. We have no schedule, but we have pieces of a routine here and there. In the morning we kiss your dad goodbye, make mama her coffee, and nurse. Then we read 3 books on the floor together or sometimes in the rocker, you stare at me with those big eyes as I read in funny voices. After the books we play on the floor and eventually I notice your eyes getting heavy, thats my cue to nurse you and rock you to sleep. You tend to take a short nap first, eat more and then take a long mid-morning nap. If I want the nap to last longer than 20 minutes I keep you snuggled in my arms instead of putting you down, which also means I get nothing done all day because I hold on to you tight, but thats okay. Our afternoons are normally filled with a visitor, a trip out somewhere, a walk, or sometimes just more snuggles and more nursing. Then we hug your dad as he walks in the door and I pass you over so he can get his time with you. We cook dinner together, watch a show and eat- sometimes you want to nurse when dinner is ready and other times I get you to sleep at the perfect time.

You don’t love being passed around and have been kind of fussy when others hold you. You know who your mom and dad are now and prefer to be in our arms. You still hate the pacifier and by now we have tried just about every brand. You started to find your fingers this week and every now and then I catch you sucking on them. We made it 6 weeks and I couldn’t love you more sweet girl.

Love always,
your mama

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