Dear Eloise // Week 10

Dear Eloise,

10 weeks. You are a whole new person from the day you came into this world. You are 3 inches taller, almost 6 pounds heavier, and have so much personality. You have to know what is going on, you are constantly looking around and sometimes if I sit down with you before you are done taking it all in you let me know, so we start walking and looking again.

You had your two month appointment which came with shots. I am so happy your dad came with us because I think I handled it worse than you. You cried and I did my best to comfort you. Together we survived. You slept the whole next day pretty much, the doctor wore you out good. Sometimes when you sleep for a while during the day I can’t help but miss you. I miss looking into those beautiful eyes, seeing your sweet smile and hearing your noises, but I know that soon enough you will wake up and I will get to see/hear all of those things.

I would say we have what seems to be a routine. You still eat every 2-3 hours sometimes more frequent and you have been taking at least one long nap during the day, with a few cat naps here and there. You nurse like a champ and we just tried a bottle for the first time, you hate it. I hate watching you struggle, but I am sure you will figure out the bottle in your own time (hopefully in the next 3 weeks before I go back to work!).

I never want to forget sweet moments in our days. In the morning you always get so happy when I greet you in your bassinet, you flash that smile, I pick you up, hold you close and smother you with kisses. You seem to be most happy when you are getting your diaper changed, mostly because you love having no clothes on. I know if I want a big smile all I have to do is lay you down on the changing table. I never want to forget how when you nurse you stare into my eyes and always find a way to tuck one hand inside of my shirt or grab on to the neckline of my shirt. I never want to forget how much you love Christmas lights. We are big on Christmas in this house which you will also come to love (kind of like we love Target). I started putting up some decorations this week, along with our tree. The lights make me happy, but watching you look at the lights and smile makes me even more happy.

I cannot believe I go back to work soon, every time your dad and I talk about it I cry. I cant imagine not spending every second of every day with you. It will be a hard transition, but together we will make the best of it. Everything always works out how it is supposed to. I asked your dad if you were going to forget me when you spend your days with someone else, he assured me you wouldn’t. It just means all of our time together will be that much more cherished.

Your dad told me that he didn’t want anymore kids this week, because he can’t imagine sharing his time with anyone else. He loves you dearly. I think in time he will shift his perspective, but for now baby girl you are all we need. We love you to the ends of this earth.

Love always,
your mama

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