Let’s Go Home

I blinked and suddenly Eloise is a month old. I want to cry because I am happy we survived 1 month, I want to cry because it flew by and I want to cry because I think my hormones are still all over the place.

When we found out we were having a little girl I started searching for cut online shops for clothes. I mean I love Target but there are so many amazing online boutiques and shops for kids. I stumbled across Gigi & Max, an adorable online shop that sells the most adorable newborn bundle sets. Kristin the shop owner was very responsive and friendly to work with. I know I am not the only one that wanted cute coming home pictures, in a picture perfect outfit, with my new little family. I thought the whole thing would be a piece of cake:

Step 1: order cute outfit from Gigi & Max (the hardest part was picking, we went with this one)
Step 2: Dress Eloise right before leaving the hospital (you would have thought I was torturing her with how loud she screamed.
Step 3: Take cute pictures (she wouldn’t stop screaming long enough for me to take one)
Step 4: Try to take one once we get home (nope…she pooped through it on the way home)
Step 5: Remember I just gave birth two days ago and give up.

Eloise taught me a few valuable lessons on her third day of life. One, I am definitely not in control
anymore. Two, dressing newborns is terrifying (but gets easier).

I absolutely loved working with Kristin from Gigi & Max and because she is the sweetest and I love you guys I have a discount code for you! Use JENNIFERFRIENDS at checkout for 10% off your order!

Make sure to pop by her Instagram for cuteness overload!

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