Dear Eloise // week 7

Dear Eloise,

7 weeks of your sweet face.
7 weeks of your hand wrapping around my finger.
7 weeks of your snuggles.
7 weeks of your little baby sounds.
7 weeks of nursing you.
7 weeks of rocking you to sleep.
7 weeks of watching you sleep.
7 weeks of wishing for time to slow down.
7 weeks of wondering if we are doing this whole parenting thing right.
7 weeks of wondering if I hold you enough or if I hold you too much.
7 weeks of wondering if I am feeding you enough.
7 weeks of watching your personality unfold.
7 weeks of loving you fiercely.

You are the best thing in our life. The way you look at us and follow us around the room now with your eyes, sometimes the second we step out you make it known that you want us back. You stay awake so much now just taking in your surroundings. You refuse to sleep when you are somewhere new and there is something going on, you have to stay awake to watch. You still love bright lights, but you also love looking out the window. You love the white twinkle lights we have in the kitchen, those might be your favorite, which means you are sure to love Christmas season. You get fussy when you are hungry, overtired, or have gas, other than that you are content as can be. Sometimes we can’t help with the gas or you fight sleep so much that we can’t calm you, we found that Christmas music does the trick. You are so much like your mama in this sense. I imagine Christmas will be even more magical and wonderful with you, sweet girl.

You have started making so many fun noises and smiling all the time for REAL. Like ear to ear grins when I make funny faces or talk in a funny voice. You smile the most first thing in the morning, they melt my heart every time. You still don’t sleep the best but if I am being honest I miss you when you sleep too long so I am okay with getting up every two hours. Your dad probably thinks I am crazy when I say I miss you, because we spend pretty much every minute of every day together. Don’t get me wrong sometimes I need a break, a hot shower when I know someone else has you and you are content, does me wonders.

You have started to like your swing more, but still prefer to sway on my lap. You tolerate tummy time for about 5 minutes before you dust off those lungs and let us hear how well they work. We bought you a play mat which you seem to like, not quite grabbing anything, but you accidentally hit some of the toys hanging and you seem to enjoy watching them move. You are tolerating the car better and don’t scream anymore (most of the time) when we put you in your car seat, you still don’t love Target, you last about 15 minutes, but I promise it will become a place you love.

We read to you every day in hopes that you love books as much as we do. Your dad is still reading you Winnie the Pooh and we have a few favorites from your baby shower that we read. Hedge Hugs is the cutest and If I could keep you little. You sometimes look at the pictures or I will read to you as you nurse.

You are growing and growing, everyday I think you get bigger. As much as I want you to stay little I can’t help but wonder what new things you will do or learn each week. You are such a gift.

Keep growing little one.

Love always,
your mama

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