Bumpdate: week 35, 36 & 37

 size of the baby: 35 weeks, size of a pineapple, 18.1 inches and 5.07 pounds
total weight gain: 22 pounds
gender: GIRL!
maternity clothes: shorts and stretchy dresses. It has been very humid! I did just buy a dress on clearance from Target for our maternity photos (which I chose not to wear) and it has been a great last addition to the summer wardrobe.
movement: Still active, but definitely less as she doesn’t have as much room. We should find out if she has turned at our next appointment. 
Aaron is: painting the nursery, putting together the car seat and stroller and being extremely helpful getting all the boxes inside for me to unpack.
craving: I still really really want BBQ ribs.
looking forward to: the home stretch, I am not ready at all for her to come, mostly because we are still unpacking and have a lot to do. I am looking forward to savoring the last few weeks of those little kicks from the inside. Just me and her. 
symptoms: sore, exhausted and a lot of lower pelvic and back pain.
sleep: waking up a lot because I can’t get comfortable or have to go to the bathroom, this is by far my least favorite thing about the third trimester. I would kill for one good night of sleep. 

size of the baby: 36 weeks, size of a bundle of a papaya, 18.7 inches and 5.73 pounds
total weight gain: 25 pounds
gender: GIRL!
maternity clothes: Aaron’s t-shirts and shorts. This is my go-to outfit on the weekend, especially with house work and unpacking. During the week for work I rotate the same few outfits, which is normally shorts and a tank top (it has been so so humid!) I cannot believe summer is ending soon, I love fall but man summer flew by! 
movement: She is still moving but not as much, she feels pretty cramped to me! She has finally turned!!!! But is still in a really awkward position. 
Aaron is: Building the bassinet and helping me get the nursery in order. 
craving: I still really really want BBQ ribs…you think Aaron would get the hint on this one.
looking forward to: meeting our sweet girl, physically I feel ready but mentally I am not quite there. I still want to get more things in order before she makes her arrival! 
symptoms: heavy and swollen. my feet and ankles and legs have been swelling a lot between the heat and being constantly on my feet unpacking and moving. 
sleep: on and off, I live for the mornings I don’t have to set an alarm, but I tend to still be up by 6. 

size of the baby: 33 weeks, size of romaine lettuce, 18.9 inches and 6.17 pounds
total weight gain: 25.5 pounds
gender: GIRL!
maternity clothes: Anything of Aaron’s that I can get my hands on and yoga pants/shorts. 
movement: Still moving a lot, she has her feet in my ribs constantly and likes to stick her little bum out. As hard as the kicks are sometimes, I will miss feeling them! 
Aaron is: building the crib and helping me organize the rest of the stuff we still need to get. 
craving: I still really really want BBQ ribs…but also all the fresh cucumbers and peaches. 
looking forward to: seeing our maternity pictures, finishing the nursery and meeting our sweet girl. I got to see her on the ultrasound this week, I am measuring small and they wanted to figure out if it was her position. It was insane how big she was from the last time we had an ultrasound (21 weeks), she doesn’t fit on the screen anymore and she is measuring just fine, but she has dropped and she is so low her little face was hiding! I did get to see that she has some hair and the cutest little toes ever. 
symptoms: swollen and tired. More frequent contractions, but nothing regular!
sleep: We put in an AC this week (thanks family for lending it to us!) and I had the best night of sleep in a LONG time, I still woke up 3-4 times, but when I was asleep it was a deep and heavy sound sleep. I could use another night like that!  

I cannot believe that we have 3 weeks left. Time certainly flew by and she will be here before we know it. I am feeling a bit more ready now that the house is a little more in order, I am hoping after this weekend we will have even more done. I am starting to feel overwhelmed because we still have a lot to do on our to-do list, and she could come at any point in time now, but I can’t control it and she will come when she is supposed to, with or without my to-do list being done. 

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