Bumpdate: Week 31 & 32

size of the baby: 31 weeks, size of a bundle of asparagus, 16.1 inches and 3.31 pounds.
total weight gain: 17 pounds
gender: GIRL!
maternity clothes: Rotating the same few outfits, but making it work. I will need to purchase a few bras/nursing tanks soon!
movement: She is moving a lot but is still laying horizontal and seems pretty content there. Her butt pushes out one side and her head on the other, she loves to kick/hit my in the ribs!
Aaron is: Being amazing, he is the calm to my crazy and we are getting ready to close on a house, so there is a lot of crazy going on.
craving: I want ribs, lobster and popcorn. Like so bad. We don’t know how to make anything but the popcorn! Hoping someone will cook up some ribs or lobster in the near future.
looking forward to: Our baby shower, only a few weeks away!
symptoms: Mostly just heavy and anxious. I feel sluggish and achy- not running has been a bummer but it was way to uncomfortable to keep going. Walking can be painful at times and I have certainly slowed down, but trying to stay as active as possible!
sleep: On and off, but a few really good nights sprinkled around.

size of the baby: 32 weeks, size of a squash 16.6 inches and 3.75 pounds.
total weight gain: 17 pounds
gender: GIRL!
maternity clothes: Nothing new, loving dresses because it has been so humid.
movement: Still loving the horizontal position across my stomach and no signs of dropping or moving into a different position, she is certainly taking up all the space I feel like I have in there.
Aaron is: Giving me a little extra space in the bed and not making fun of my for being a slow walker!
craving: Still ribs and lobster! Oh and potato salad and deviled eggs!
looking forward to: moving into our new house and getting to set up her nursery soon!
symptoms: Just heavy and slightly uncomfortable. I can’t complain!
sleep: A few good nights and then a few not so good ones, it isn’t exactly comfortable sleeping anymore!

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