a baby shower for baby girl

I have not had my baby shower yet, but we have registered for the necessities and talk to those planning about what we do and do not want. We are having a more non-traditional style, I want Aaron there, I want it to be relaxed and I want to just be around all the people I love. We decided we are going to just have one giant cookout with friends and family! Besides planning what type of shower we wanted, I also wanted to help with invitations. I love good design and cute prints, so I knew exactly who I would turn to for invitations, Tiny Prints. We use them for holiday cards, thank you cards, business cards and more! I absolutely love the design options and the quality. Aside from the overall idea of the shower and the invitations, I didn’t want to be involved in any of the planning so I passed the reigns over to my mom, mother in-law, and sister. One of my really close friends also offered to help!

I searched through a ton of designs on Tiny Prints but I knew in my heart I wanted simple, floral and a little rustic. I found the perfect match

Are those not the cutest!? Simple yet adorable. I fell in love with them the moment I saw them. I am so happy they are finally mailed out and showing up in peoples mailboxes! Tiny Prints is getting a new home, but will still be offering the same adorable designs and amazing quality.

Did you plan a lot of your own shower or have a theme!?  

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