8 Goals.

One month ago from today I turned 28. This new chapter brings so many changes and with that comes so much anxiety. I normally make a list of 28 things I want to do before the year is over, but this year I am focused on having a healthy and happy baby, thriving in my marriage, and being a first time homeowner. Life is insane but so so good. 
Rather than 28 things I want to accomplish I decided to focus on 8 goals/life changes. 

1. Learning to say no and not feeling guilty about it. 
I have gotten a little bit better at saying no, but I still really struggle with it. I am a people pleaser through and through, I hate feeling like I let others down. When I do say no I tend to feel awful about it after, like I did something wrong or should have just said yes. Saying yes is great when it is something you really want to do, something that you have time for, and when you can manage it. Saying yes all the time though can be exhausting, stressful, and overwhelming. Here’s to saying no more and being okay with it. 

2. Letting things go. 
I hold on to everything. Little, big, all of it. I have gotten a lot better at reacting to situations better and controlling my emotions, but internally I still hold on to everything. I want to work on letting things go, truly letting them go. 

3. Stop comparing myself to others. 
Do you ever scroll Instagram or another blog and think man, I should be there. I should do that. I should have done that. I should be making more money. I should be traveling. I should be saving more. I should, I should, I should. It can be an endless trap and I am ready to get out of it!  

4. Let go of the idea of balance. 
Work/Life balance is a myth. There are days where you will work 6am-10pm and days where you won’t do any work. I still try to find that balance, but I need to let it go, life just doesn’t work that way. I can only imagine with a baby that I will really learn the lesson of letting the balance go.  
5. Whole Health. 
I have always been pretty good at eating well, but I do eat my fair share of sweets! I also love exercising, but I find myself only doing it when the weather is nice (i.e.: winter I hibernate). I would like to start cooking more, getting away from frozen and preserved foods, and finding a better balance with working out all year round. Now that we will have our own land I cannot wait to grow a garden. I also would like to take better care of my mental health, I am not sure what that means yet…but we’ll see!

6. Step out of my comfort zone. 
I am good with comfort and with the familiar. I am not good about trying new things, whether it is food or a new activity. I panic, work myself into an anxious fit and just freak out. I would love to get better about stepping out of my comfort zone this year. 

7. Stepping away from my phone.
I use my phone a lot for social media purposes, it comes along with having a blog, a photography business and health and wellness business. I try really hard at night now to leave it in my room and step away, but I want to get better at this. I feel guilty letting phone calls go unanswered or texts, but it really isn’t the end of the world and people will get over it (I just have to keep reminding myself this!) With a new baby on the way I don’t want to be sucked into my phone 24/7, so I am working hard at breaking the habit, besides reading before bed does so much more for my brain than endlessly scrolling Instagram or Facebook. 
8. Stop caring what others think. 
I care a lot about how others feel and there is definitely a time and place for this. Obviously I don’t want to hurt anyones feelings on purpose or not take into account my family and friends opinions about things, but I need to stop caring what people think about every detail. I have always been nervous and afraid to share my blog and my Arbonne business with others, because I am afraid of what they might think or how they might react, but who cares? If I enjoy it and I like it, it shouldn’t matter right? (Not easy for me all the time!) I also have an amazingly supportive husband and family which is wonderful. 

Cheer’s to 28 and to tackling some goals! 

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