Bumpdate: Week 25 & 26

size of the baby: 25 weeks, size of cauliflower,  13.5 inches and 1.46 pounds.

total weight gain: 13 pounds

gender: GIRL! 

maternity clothes: It finally warmed up and I have been wearing maxi dresses and skirts! The stretchier the better!

movement: Very active when I drink anything, but seems like she has been sleeping more at night. Her kicks are getting harder and harder, sometimes they catch me off guard!

sleep: I slept through the night for the first time in a long time, Sunday, which was so nice. I have been waking up between 1-4 a lot and have had a hard time falling back asleep. She seems to kick a lot when I sleep on my side. 

symptoms: Occasionally nauseous for no reason (I think I need to drink more water!) and leg cramps all the time at night. Quick movements or too much lifting also is a little painful.  

Aaron is: Handling house stress and baby stress like a pro! 

craving: watermelon, apples, and strawberries. 

looking forward to: summer and more relaxing days sitting outside reading while baby girl kicks.

best moment: her kicks are still the best!

size of the baby: 26 weeks, size of a head of lettuce,  14.0 inches and 1.68 pounds.

total weight gain: 13 pounds

gender: GIRL! 

maternity clothes: dresses! I also finally bought a pair of maternity jeans and those have been added to the rotation. As soon as I am home from work I throw on shorts and one of Aarons t-shirts. 

movement: very active but also periods of sleeping more!

sleep: waking up a lot at night, usually around 1am, and having trouble getting back to sleep right away.

symptoms: leg cramps! They are awful. 

Aaron is: getting excited! We have started talking about the nursery and more names. We also got our pre-registration paperwork which makes it all feel too real!

craving: popcorn, fruit, and candy! Also, iced coffee. 

looking forward to: our baby shower, we got our invites in the mail this week which made me really excited for it! 

best moment: one of my kids at work laid his head on my stomach and asked the baby if she was okay after he elbowed me. 

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