week 20 bumpdate

size of the baby:20 weeks, size of a banana,6.50 inches and 10.1 ounces
total weight gain: 9 pounds
gender: Still unknown!! We went Monday for our 20 week anatomy ultrasound and the little stinker stayed in a ball, legs crossed the entire time. They were not able to get all the measurements they needed which makes it medically necessary for me to go back for another ultrasound. So Tuesday I go back, and fingers crossed we can know the sex!! 
maternity clothes: Sticking to mostly leggings and the few maternity shirts I have. Also loving the warm weather we had last weekend because I could break out my dresses and skirts. This week was cold and rainy though, so back to leggings. 
movement: So much movement. One night this week the baby kicked all night long, which made me very tired the next day! Love those little kicks though!
sleep: A little uncomfortable on my side which is my preferred sleeping position and the kicking has been frequent at night.  
symptoms: overwhelmed and stressed which has led to increased emotions, between planning for the baby, attempting to get our finances in order and  attempting to buy a house, it hasn’t been the best week emotionally! I was also really excited about finding out the gender, but then that didn’t happen either. 
Aaron is: working a lot, he was home a little later each night this week and picked up some overtime shifts the next few weeks. 
looking forward to: trying to find out the gender this coming week!
best moment: feeling lots and lots of baby kicks!

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