5 Tips for Staying Active During Pregnancy

1. Hydrate // Whenever I go out for a run my first thought is “why did I drink so much, now I have to pee” but with pregnancy and the frequency of dehydration and headaches, staying hydrated is so important. I try to drink a few glasses of water like a half hour before I go out, that way I can at least hit the bathroom first then go. Hydration has helped decrease the headaches and slight aches and pains that come along with both working out and pregnancy too.

2. Stretch // Pregnancy is not the most comfortable thing in the world by any means. I think having a positive mindset about it does wonders for your body, brain and for the baby! One of the most uncomfortable parts for me is the tightness, I feel stiff in my stomach, back and sides. Stretching has done wonders for me! I also have to admit that I am terrible at stretching, if there is something that I leave out of a workout because of time or laziness it is stretching, but I always feel so much better when I do it. I loved the foam roller before, but my relationship with it now is at a whole new level. I use it frequently on my calves and back when they feel tight. I have also been getting leg cramps in  at night which hurt a lot and the foam roller helps loosen up those tight muscles.

3. Don’t try too push to hard, too fast or try to break any records // I am competitive with myself. Watching my body get bigger and change has been hard. By no means am I a fast runner, but now I am even slower. Between having a harder time breathing and little energy my pace has decreased. I try to be okay with it and walk when I really need to, it is all about growing a healthy babe and I will do whatever that takes, even if it means I run a snail pace. I have a few races coming up and I will not be going for any kind of PR, instead I will cherish running with a little one and just work on passing the finish line.

4. Stay close to a bathroom //  Guys, lets get real, the need to pee when you are pregnant is insane. I have to go ALL the time or at least I feel the need to go all the time. Sometimes I go 5 minutes after I just went, it blows my mind. That has been the biggest struggle for me with running,  I try to stick close to home so I can pop in if I need to, but it makes my running routes less exciting. Try to think of local places that will let you pop in or have some game plan while you are on the road!

5. Rest when you need to,  don’t feel guilty, and find alternatives // Running has always been my preferred choice for working out. I like doing it solo or in a group, it is free, and it can take as long or as short as I need it too. However I recently fell in love with Beach Body workouts, you can do them from home which means I get to keep water and a bathroom close. They have a ton of workouts to choose from including maternity ones and they don’t take more than 30 minutes. They have been a great supplement to decreasing my running. I also have been giving myself frequent rest days, when I feel crappy or just have no energy I don’t push it. On those days we go for an after dinner walk instead or I let myself have more couch and Netflix time, and I do not let myself feel guilty about it.

What do you do to stay active?!

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