1st trimester recap

week 6-14

Hooray! We survived the first trimester, I really can’t complain, it passed pretty fast and there were only a few rough weeks. Weeks 8-12 were filled with nausea and little food. I survived with crackers, cereal, and bagels. Anything that had bread worked pretty well. For anyone that knows me knows how much I love coffee, we’re talking like 4-5 cups a day, well coffee has not sounded good at ALL so far. I have had a few cups here and there, but overall the smell and taste do not settle well. I have been loving iced green tea and frozen lemonades! Taking pictures weekly is awkward I won’t lie, I am normally behind the camera, but I really want to document this wonderful moment in our life! We are learning what works for pictures and how to not have a fake smile (I swear it might not look like it but I am SO excited to welcome this little one to our family!). Overall, I cannot complain with how I have felt, it could be worse and it is all for a good reason! 
I am happily welcoming the second trimester and kicking the nausea and exhaustion to the curb. We are excited to find out the gender and having a bit more normalcy with life. Maybe I’ll make it past 8pm a few more nights now? Growing a tiny human is no joke, the exhaustion that hits you is unreal. 
Overall, we are happy, healthy and excited to see the next few months unfold. We are getting ready to move in with my in-laws, house hunting and trying to prepare for the new little one! So much happening all at once. We couldn’t be more grateful. 

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