15 week bumpdate

size of the baby: an orange, about 4.02 inches and 2.50 ounces

total weight gain: 5 pounds

gender: Unknown, I have a feeling it is a girl, just intuition. Everyone else has very mixed feels, I feel like its 50/50 with what others think! We will find out at our next appointment.

maternity clothes: I am still in my regular clothes, I did buy 2 maternity shirts and a BeBand so that I can keep wearing my jeans, but buttoning is getting next to impossible. I am trying to hold off as long as possible to buy some new clothes!

movement: I haven’t felt anything yet, but at our last ultrasound the little ones was moving like crazy!

sleep: I am sleeping okay, with the exception of waking up around 3-3:30 every morning to pee and having a hard time falling back asleep. I sleep on my side and things just feel heavy when I sleep on my side now, I can only imagine this gets more uncomfortable.

missing: Italian subs and beer.

craving: I have been really hungry the past few weeks and craving pizza all the time or pickles.

symptoms: hunger, sore boobs, nausea if I let my stomach get empty, and round ligament pain.

Aaron is: being extra helpful around the house, he has been trying to help pick up more and has been helping with packing a lot. I think he is a little stressed about everything we have going on, but he has been great!

looking forward to: finding out the gender of this sweet babe!

best moment: finally sharing the exciting news with all of our friends and family!

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