Weekend to-do

I hope you are sitting down with your coffee & cozy blanket, enjoying the warmer weather outside and soaking up the weekend!

Why quitting is okay, and living your life based on other people expectations isn’t okay. Happiness is an inside job.

Ever wonder how successful people prepare for the week ahead, a great read with some Sunday night habits you can start adding to your own life!

53 small things you can do if you need a break from Trump, the media ban and all the  political stress.

This was hysterical, talks between best friends.

4 desserts with 3 ingredients, so good.

Sick of hearing “I’m so busy”, because everything that is on your plate is something you said yes too. A great video from Lululemon about being present.

Take a walk outside
Start a new show on Netflix
Prep for the week ahead
Paint your nails
Stop at Starbucks for your favorite drink or treat
Be grateful for this wonderful life

In case you missed it…
I shared a little February recap
I also shared my Tuesday top 3 picks for apps, books and Netflix/Hulu shows

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