weekend to-do

Read // 
An interesting article about marriage and the secret to a happy marriage.
If you were a big How I Met Your Mother fan, this one is for you! #relationshipgoals
I was born with a big heart and I haven’t learned to love with anything less, this article hit all the right spots.

Watch // 
A video that put me into tears, a farewell to Obama.
This letter to Obama’s daughters is a must read, no matter your political views.
Meryl Streep killed it on stage at the Golden Globes last weekend.
Teach girls bravery not perfection, one of the best Ted talks in 2016.

Do // 
Create something new
Watch Sherlock
Go for a long walk after dinner
Sip on your favorite hot beverage
Sleep a little extra

In case you missed it…
I recapped what January is looking like so far for Him & Her >>
5 Tips on jumpstarting your morning, a new Wednesday Wellness series >>

What are your weekend plans?

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