January Intentions & New Years Goals

I love New Years resolutions as much as any one but I am all for making them attainable and realizing that I don’t set them to change myself but to become a better version of myself and to they motivate me to make time for the things I love.

Small monthly intentions help make big goals more attainable. They also help keep focus.

January Intentions //
Read 2 books (1 fiction/1 non-fiction)
Clean out closet
Organize 2016 photos
Start & Finish January project life spread
Put down my phone more
Determine a budget/long term goals for the blog
Create 1 thing

2017 Goals //
Take 1 photo a day with my camera
Take 1 second of video every day with the 1sec app
Read 24 books
Decrease the overall amount of stuff we have
Buy a house
Create 12 new DIY/Craft projects
Learn a new skill

Did you set New Years goals? Or monthly ones? 

Leave your blog link below with your posts about New Years goals or comment about what they are! 

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