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Thanksgiving was certainly the big event of the past week, however, it was also the release of the Gilmore Girls revival. I have been waiting and waiting for SO long, so Sunday I drove to Maine and watched it all with my mom and a friend. Growing up this was a show my mom and I watched together, so we had to of course watch together this time too!

Overall, I was stunned by the last 4 words, but I get it. It makes sense, but I also wish it didn’t end like that. So many questions. I really did love it, sure some of it was cheesy, the middle of the summer episode was not my favorite and was the first time that I picked up my phone to scroll Instagram during any of the episodes. I felt like the cast flowed back together with ease and the dialogue was wonderful. All in all, I was happy with it and I am currently re-watching for a second time while I write this.

Now that it has finally been released, what better time to do the Gilmore Girls tag that I stumbled across here.

1. Team Dean, Team Jess or Team Logan?

Team Logan 100%, always have been and after re-watching the past 7 seasons and even now after the revival, I am still team Logan. He makes her laugh and smile and pushes her like no one else in the show does. Team Logan all the way.

2. You stop by Luke’s Diner, your go to menu item is: blueberry muffin, pastry, french toast, burger and fries or pancakes with strawberries?
Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Oh and probably a blueberry muffin and pancakes with strawberries.

3. Harvard or Yale?

4. It’s time for the Star’s Hollow ‘Bid on a Basket’ festival. What are you putting in your basket?
Hmmm well probably some delicious sandwiches from a local deli, a handful of delicious sea salted chocolates and a good bottle of wine!

5. What’s your favourite Gilmore Girls treat food? Pop tarts, pizza, Chinese, twinkies?
Pop tarts, Pizza and Mallowmars!

6. Friday night dinners or Stars Hollow Town meeting?
Friday night dinners. I would never pass up the Friday night food they get to eat!

7. Christopher, Max, Jason or Luke?
Is this a real question? It has always been and will always be Luke and Lorelai forever.

8. Rory’s ideal night alone is doing laundry in her pajamas, while eating Indian food. What would your ideal night alone be?
Very similiar! I normally pick up around the house and eat some guilty pleasure foods, followed with trash TV, a bath and some reading.

9.Who would you rather hang out with, Paris, Lane or Marty?
Lane, because she is laid back and fun. Paris is too high stress and my anxiety would just feed off of her.

10. Finally, with ‘A Year in the Life’ just around the corner, what season would you love to visit Stars Hollow in?

Have you seen the revival?? I am still a little speechless and I definitely shed a few tears. 

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