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I have a thing for new technology, especially when it can make my home function more efficiently and more smooth. We work long days, typically about 12 hours with our commute, so anything that can make our day easier and shorter, is welcomed! 
I wanted to share my 4 favorite electronic devices we use in our home. 
1. bObi Pet // 
I received bObi Pet for review but all opinions are honest and my own. 
Our bObi Pet from bObsweep, is one of the best pieces of tech in our house, I cannot stand messy floors, between the sand and leaves we track in, to all the hair I shed, I was vacuuming at least every other day. Now bObi Pet goes off on its own based on the schedule I set with its remote! It sweeps up EVERYTHING on my floors, I am amazed. It also has a mop attachment and it dose a fantastic job wiping up spills on the floor. It can find its home base 99% of the time, I have only had to assist it back once. It comes with a block that sets up a barrier so that bObi stays away from certain spots, we have it set up by our TV just to make sure the chords from the TV do not get tangled up in bObi. It also has a function where it will clean a certain area really well if there is a spill, all you have to do is hit ‘waffle’. Our life is made much simpler and cleaner with bObi Pet, I highly recommend checking them out

2. Amazon Echo //
Aaron gifted me Amazon Echo last year for Christmas. I don’t know what we would do without Alexa, she tells me jokes, she makes my shopping list, she orders me things I need from Amazon, she tells me the weather and plays all the Christmas music I want. There are definitely glitches, she doesn’t understand what I say sometimes and you have to be pretty specific with your wording, but I definitely think it is worth it, for the mere fact that she records my grocery list and Target list and sends it to my phone so I am never without it! 
3. Dash buttons //

If you haven’t heard of Dash buttons from Amazon, you can thank me later. They are these tiny little inexpensive buttons that you can buy for any brand you can imagine, you then link it to your Amazon account through wi-fi and with a push of a button you can order what you need. We constantly run out of laundry detergent, now when we get low I simply push the button, get a confirmation on my phone, and 2 days later they are on my doorstep! Seriously, most convenient invention ever. They save me money because it means less trips to Target (which we all know is dangerous) and they save me precious time, because, well, less trips to Target means more time for other things we love to do! 

4. Apple TV // 

We pay for cable, mostly so we can watch football in the fall, but we also have our Apple TV which has everything we need on it (except Amazon Prime Video!). I can watch endless YouTube videos, play music, catch up on the latest shows with Hulu or Netflix, stream my iTunes library and so much more. This little devices is completely worth the cost and has almost every app we need built in. Once football season is over, you can bet we will be back to just streaming through the Apple TV.

What are you favorite pieces of technology for your home? 

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