Workspace Wednesday: where I work

I thought I would share with you where I do most of my work from, after thinking about it I decided this is probably the second most used spaced for me to do work, I tend to end up on the couch frequently (cue the monkey hiding his face emoji). However, with that being said, I am most productive when I work from my office. It has so many things I love, it is quiet, and being it just makes me happy. We finally spent money on a desk I am absolutely in love with and all the prints on the wall are hand picked by me (and Aaron) and they all mean something. 
I attempted a video tour for you about 10 times, but I hated the way I sounded on the video! So you get pictures instead.

Lots of storage. Lots of white with pops of color spread around. I have a lot of craft supplies, photography props, books and other miscellaneous stuff, so the more storage the better. I have to admit thought over time I have become very picky about supplies I hang on to and supplies I donate or get rid of because I hate clutter and I hate holding on to something just for the sake of having it. I have an area for scrapbooking, a desk for blogging, writing, and sewing, and lots of floor space for workouts and yoga. Those double closets are relatively tidy and serve multi-purpose for us. It is our game closet, winter clothes storage, photography props, picture storage and season art supplies.

I love sitting at my desk and I love it even more when it is clean.

Where do you get most of your work done? 

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