Reach the Beach 2016: must have gear

Reach the beach is right around the corner and while I may not be ready mileage wise you can bet that I have all the gear I need. Over the past couple of years I have bought a few things which will make packing much easier this year.

1. headlamp 2. blinkers 3. reflection vest 4. munk packs 5. sport beans 6. fizz sticks 7. peanut butter 8. mini bagels 9. face wipes 10. garmin forerunner watch 11. fleece 12. sports bra 13. shorts 14. sneakers 15. tank

For those of you that do not know what Reach the Beach is, it is a 200 mile relay race in 24 hours put on by Ragner and it goes from Bretton Woods to Hampton beach. We run in a team of 12 which means we are each responsible for 3 legs of the race. This will be my third year doing it and I absolutely love it. However, being that we are in New England and the weather is always whacky, you never know what kind of weather you will face so you pack a little bit of everything; you also pack as lightly as possible because you share a van with 6 other people so space is limited. The first year it was freezing cold and last year was extremely hot, I prefer running in the cold so I am hoping it will be a happy medium this year. The first year I packed way too much food and didn’t eat half of it and last year I didn’t pack enough warm weather running clothes, but I am well prepared for this year. With just about 3 weeks to go, I have started compiling a packing list and thought I would share some must haves for RTB.

Reflection: This is probably the most important, one leg of each of our runs, takes place in the middle of the night and you have to make sure that other vans and people can see you on the road. Plus, Ragner requires that you wear the gear after the sun goes down while you cheer on teammates.

Fuel: This is extremely important, you pretty much pack everything you plan on eating for the weekend, but you need to make sure it is protein filled since you are exerting a lot of energy and stressing your muscles. There is nothing worse then feeling awful on a run because you didn’t eat enough good food. You also have to make sure it can’t go bad and  that it doesn’t take up much space. I love the apple munk packs, they are so filling and filled with fiber and protein. I also love peanut butter and bagels, quick and easy. For the long runs I do (one of my legs is just over 10 miles) the perfect kick half way through is a bag of sport beans and this year I am excited to bring along some fizz sticks from Arbonne.

Gear: With not ever knowing what the weather entails you definitely need to bring clothing that can work both ways, as well as one outfit for each run, trust me you will want to change each time. Sneakers are obviously a must and some people bring extras in case it rains, but I just pretend it won’t rain and pack one pair. A warm pullover for the night, versatile tops and bottoms to run in and I can’t go on a run without my Garmin watch. Since you don’t shower and if you are anything like me and normally shower right after a workout, face and body wipes are key for the weekend. Some of my favorite running brands are Lululemon, Reebok, New Balance, Mizuno, Osielle and Fabletics.

Are you training for a race right now? 

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