weekend wrap-up

Now that we work Monday thru Friday, we look forward to our weekends a lot. This was the first weekend we didn’t have any major plans, which was a nice change of pace. Friday we had a date night, but it was completely low key. We watched Birman, ordered pizza and lounged around on the couch.
Saturday I woke up early to lead a group run in Dover, it was a beautiful morning to run! I grabbed a coffee on my way home, which gave me more energy to speed clean the apartment before my mom came over. We went to lunch in Dover and I had the most amazing chicken pot pie. Saturday night I went out with friends to celebrate a birthday, we played virtual golf and then went downtown for drinks. I stayed up way too late and feel like I still haven’t caught up on sleep. Aaron went home to have dinner with his parents and brother who just came back from London!
Sunday we slept in a little, had coffee and talked about the upcoming week. It was absolutely beautiful out so after getting some work done we headed to the beach to walk around and take some pictures, I was surprised how busy it was. We spent the night watching Big Bang Theory and finishing up some work.
I am ready to tackle the week and heres hoping it is better then last!

Happy Monday, friends.

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