Currently: November

Currently I am…

wishing for time to slow down, I know it isn’t possible, but a girl can wish! How is it almost December?!

loving this season, it just always feels so magical and everyone seems a little happier. 

wanting to catch up on all the projects I have on my list. 

anticipating the New Year, I don’t want 2015 to end because that means the holidays are over, but I am excited about all the new possibilities 2016 holds. 

laughing at Modern Family, A and I are watching all the seasons right now, currently on season 4. 

reading Uniquely Human, all about a different perspective on how we see Autism. 

enjoying the weekend days filled with Christmas music and a whole lot of couch sitting. 

eating all the peppermint chocolate, cookies and popcorn I can get my hands on. 

thinking about the future.

creating some small for fun projects and feeling motivated to get this blog up and running again with content for the New Year.

enjoying the sparkling white lights on everything in the house.  

excited for our Christmas tree. We put up our fake one already in the office, but we plan on cutting a real one down for our living room. 

Heading to North Carolina for Thanksgiving and then settling down for a while with no future travel plans. I plan on soaking up this season. Baking, crafting, scrapbooking, watching Christmas movies, and dancing around the whole house to Christmas music. 

Happy Holidays, friends. 

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