Millers on the move.

This summer is flying by, I cannot believe it is August already. I am excited to be back blogging, but taking a little unexpected hiatus was definitely refreshing. I thought I would kick off August with a little life update.

>> A and I moved into our new place this weekend, which we couldn’t be more excited for. We had been living with my mom since December saving up and trying to find a rental that would work for both of our job locations, our budget and our tastes.

>> We are covered in approximately 1 billion boxes and my little type A heart is excited to organize but completely overwhelmed and would like to just snap my fingers and magically have them unpack.

>> I am just over 6 months into my job as an EI occupational therapist and Aaron is about 8 months into his job. We are both still enjoying what we are doing and learning daily.

>> My summer bucket list still has a few items that need to be checked off and I am excited to fill August with much more summer fun.

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