January 2015 // Intentions

The New Year is here which means people set resolutions, resolutions for me never seem to stick, small monthly intentions seem to work better for me. I decided for 2015 to make my own sheet to write down my goals, something simple with space for exactly what I wanted to write out.

January 2015 Intentions:

Pick up my camera more. This means less iPhone pictures and more DSLR pictures. Hopefully at least once a day I can grab my camera and practice with different settings. I love to document and my pictures look so much better not always coming from my phone.

Budget and spend smarter. Now that we have income coming in and student loan payments kicking in, it is time to get more serious about our money. I am hoping to start using the You Need a Budget program to get us on the right track with saving and spending.

Work out at least 3 times a week. I have been slacking big time with running since winter hit and I really miss it. Hoping to get back to some kind of exercise routine now that the holidays are over and things are settling down a bit.

Cut back my sugar intake. I love ice cream and candy. All and any forms. I really want to try to cut back my sugar intake a bit, when I work late nights I tend to eat like crap, so I really want to start putting better things into my body.

Write and reflect more. I love to write on the blog and I love to document stories for project life, but I miss writing just to write. I really want to get back to writing more this month.

I also made an area on my goal sheet for current project and  to get done this month, these are for bigger projects and to-dos that I don’t always write down in my daily planner. This month I really want to work on my blog pages and get my archives done. I also want to start working on project ideas for the blog as well as start apartment hunting and creating a monthly budget!

Did you set New Years resolutions or January goals? 

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