Documenting 2015

For the past two years I have used Project Life to document the memories and the stories. In 2013 I made weekly spreads to document and I had a blast doing it. Not every week during 2013 was exciting, but I had such a fun time capturing the everyday moments, because sometimes those are the ones that are the most magical. Last year, 2014, I started off doing weekly spreads the first few weeks and then I switched over to monthly spreads. I found that I wasn’t taking enough pictures to do weekly spreads, and with clinical just starting I was slowly losing momentum with weekly spreads. I really enjoyed doing monthly spreads, it gave me a lot of flexibility with what to include and a lot more creative space to play with. I adore Project Life because it can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be, so I knew for 2015 I wanted to stick with it, but put my own twist on it.

For 2015 I will be mixing traditional scrapbooking with Project Life. My goal is to do weekly spreads again, but this time pick a moment/story/day and create a larger more traditional spread to go with the week. I think this will allow for a lot more creative play and still be simple enough to keep up with. Not every week may have a special spread to go with it, but I hope to get at least one good story/moment captured in a more detailed way each month.

I still have a little catch up to do on my 2014 album, I am slowly chipping away at that. I have also started the intro page and first week of 2015, I can’t wait to share both on the blog in a few days!

How are you documenting 2015?

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