Hello, December.

December is here! It is crazy to me that we are already in December and about to be approaching a new year. If you asked me a year ago if I thought my life would look like it does now, I would have said no. So much has changed this year and we are definitelyW in an area of transition. We just made the move from our apartment in Portsmouth to my moms house. As we job hunt and try to save up some money she graciously offered us to stay with her. We are happy to have a place to stay, but will certainly miss our place in Portsmouth. I am hoping we can unpack in the next few days so I can fully enjoy the Christmas season, it is my favorite!!

I wanted to share a few posts that will be popping up the next few days, I’ve got some good ones lined up!

+ How to decorate for Christmas on a budget
+ A 2014 Project Life wrap up
+ The plan for 2015
+ December Daily updates

Even with all the chaos of life lately, I am excited for this season and this month.

Bring it on, December!

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