Reach the Beach 2014

200 miles 
24 hours
Cannon mountain to Hampton beach.
This was my first time doing reach the beach, a 12 or 6 team relay race from Cannon Mountain to Hampton beach. I was on a team of 12, 6 in each van. My dad was in my van which made running this event even more special! 
We left Dover, NH around 4am Friday morning after loading the van up. We had a start time of 7:45 from Cannon. Our van was van 2 which meant we went up to Cannon to see van 1 off, they ran the first 6 legs and then we booked it to Attitash where we tried to get some shut eye and food while we waited. Our first runner took off from Attitash around noon and our van ran the next 6 legs. 
My first leg was a pretty tough run, it seemed to be strait up hill the entire time and it even ended on a random grassy hill! My following two legs were wonderful and more just rolling hills. We had a really good group of people in our van which makes everything go a little better when you are spending more than 24 hours in a tight space with someone. We ran through the night which was a pretty fun experience, but also exhausting. Thankfully the adrenalin of the race and other people kept me going. 
We ended up crossing the finish line Saturday afternoon around 31 hours and an average team pace of 9 minute miles. I am already looking forward to next year! 

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