the weekly roundup

Goodbye July, Hello August.

It has been a whole lot of studying, working and running errands lately. We have been getting out of our apartment a lot more and working at small coffee shops around town, the change of pace and environment has been nice. I am pretty much in shock that August has made it’s arrival, but I am feeling motivated and feel like it is going to be a good month. I am taking my boards this month, which means its crunch time.  I went golfing this week, went out for drinks (how awesome is that bucket!) and went to a cookout. It was a busy week but a good one. This weekend I am working and Aaron is off, Sunday we might take a mini road trip our to Western MA to explore a little bit. Very low key weekend.

In case you missed it earlier this week, I posted some thoughts on marriage. August will be filled with more posts and inspiration for you, stay tuned!

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