Currently: July

Currently I am…

wishing summer would slow down, how is it almost August? 

loving that we have had mostly sunny & hot days.

wanting an ice cream maker, seriously I would be the happiest if I could make my own ice cream. 

anticipating my board exams that I keep pushing off because of anxiety!

laughing at repeat episodes of FRIENDS, do they ever get old?

reading Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter. 

enjoying that my schedule (I think!) is about to slow down. 

eating ice cream…all day everyday. 

dreaming of apartment decor, I think we need a change. 

thinking about fall…I love summer and I want it to slow down, but I love fall.

creating and brainstorming blog ideas and DIY tutorials. 

moving more than I have in a while, running about 4x a week has been good for my body & mind. 

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