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May is here! How did that happen so fast? I have this gut feeling that may is just going to be filled with so much joy and sunshine.

Life has kind of been a whirlwind lately, but oh so good. 
The past couple of weeks have been mostly filled with work, but we’ve also been doing so many fun things during the nights and weekends we are free. I have a friend that lives really close by and nights out with her make my stress so much better! Aaron and I live so close to the water now that any time I need a breathe of fresh air to clear my head, we can pick a beach to head to, its amazing. Aaron and I have been awful about planning dinner, which has led to eating out more…I am determined to get better about planning and cooking. Aaron and I went to a NE Revolution game and it was fun, but freezing cold. I really wish the temperature would get warm and stay there! That last picture is my guilty pleasure, there is just something about walking around Target in the middle of the day when it is quiet and just getting lost in the aisles. 
I had the chance to do the Color Run 5k with three of my very favorite people and we had such a blast together, definitely something I will be doing again! 
This past weekend I went to a yoga training for teaching child yoga, I went with one of my best friends and we had such an amazing weekend. We sang kids songs, did crazy partner work, and met a group of great people. I loved every second of this past weekend and my soul feels happy and joyful and full of gratefulness. I bought a few new dresses for summer, now I just need the weather to warm up! 
Thats what we have been up to lately! This week is a short work week, because Aaron and I both graduate this weekend! He is in Boston for the week and I have four days of work to make it through! 

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  1. You've been busy! I'm jealous of the beach pictures. Oklahoma has a lack of beaches and it makes my heart sad sometimes.

    Congratulations on graduation!! Such a huge accomplishment!

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