Valentines DIY: 52 Dates

I realized this weekend that I never shared what I made Aaron for Valentines Day. The deal this year was something handmade and a $20 store bought gift. He definitely broke the rules since he bought me tickets to see The Lone bellow last week, which was incredible!

For my handmade portion I knew I wanted to something with dates, then I stumbled across this post and loved the concept. I made Aaron 52 date cards, each with a little hint on the front and a little detail on the back. 99.9% of them are things we haven’t done or haven’t done in a while, and almost all have a creative twist. It took me a while to brainstorm the list, but it was totally worth it. We already did one last week, only 51 more to go!

The dates range from free to pricey, all come with a warning of money and time commitment! Hopefully we will do one each week, but if not it won’t hurt to double up a week. There really are no rules, these cards just make date night easier and more fun!

Fun & crafty, my kind of present!

One thought on “Valentines DIY: 52 Dates

  1. These look so great! I can't believe you came up with 52! I feel like I'd have a hard time putting that together in a timely manner.

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