12×30 Challenge: Picks of the Week

So February is well underway now and so is the no spend challenge!

I will absolutely come forward and say I have not been perfect. But I have absolutely decreased my spending significantly on things, I have been really thinking about whether it is a need or a want, and truly I have been so busy there has not been time to shop!

Below are my picks for the week! Make sure to continue posting pictures of your day to day life throughout the rest of no spend February!

 Every time I talk to or scroll through Caitlin’s pictures I am convinced we are the same person. Project life obsessed & Downton Abbey Marathon? Yes please. 
 The way to my heart is chocolate and peanut butter, way to go Christina!
Boulder is one of my FAVORITE places and I am dying to try pure barre. Loved this picture by Hannah!
How is your saving and not spending going so far? 
I thought I would share a guest post from one of my closest friends, with some inspiration to give no spend February a shot this month! 

Hello to all of Jenn’s beautiful friends!
My name is Diane and I am thrilled
to be guest posting on Jenn’s wonderful blog today! I usually write on Little Miracles. Today, I am here to share how I plan on participating in the
month of February’s no spend challenge. Boy, am I glad this is a short month!  Just kidding!
I am terrible at saving money. I am
the type of person who likes to just impulse buy or shop when I get restless
and bored. I guess that’s where I’m starting. However, that seemed a little too
easy. Avoid Target and that problem pretty much takes care of itself.
The other thing I have a habit of
doing is being pretty lazy with dinner. I hate cooking. I hate cleaning up
after cooking. There are times that instead of having to
do either of those things, I order something, or pick something up. This month
I am going to be better about that. This may not make my son, Gabe, very happy
because they have Adventure Time toys at McDonald’s right now, but it will be
healthier for all of us and save a pretty good chunk in our bank account.
I took a look at my bank statements
to see where a lot of my money does end up going throughout the course of a
month and you would be very surprised to find how much a coffee here or there
adds up! I always think, “Well, I’m only spending $5.00 a day for a couple of
coffees and I need coffee right now!” Well, that $5.00 times 30 days is
$150.00!!! Even if I don’t do it every day, if I only do it on the days I’m at
work, that’s still 20 days and $100.00 a month! Can you believe that? $100.00 a
month savings in just coffee!!! I’m going to try and bring coffee with me to
work and once I get to work try and stick to just water. If I need a caffeine
fix I will allow myself to have soda but I would like to try and stick to water
to make me a healthier me! 
Lastly, we don’t typically spend
much for Valentine’s Day but this year I hunted for some things and managed to
get some pretty great stuff for free! I got James the Wolverine movie from a
prize box we have at work and I know he is going to really appreciate it! Some
of the bows I received for a bow swap will be some of my daughter, Sophia’s,
Valentine’s Day gifts. Gabe will be making some, if not most, of his
Valentine’s Day cards by hand! I have found that there are always little things
you can do to make people feel special without spending a lot of money.
One thing that helps me stay on
track with saving money is finding an incentive. We are currently planning a
trip to Disney World at the end of May. I am hoping that some of the money
saving techniques I have decided to use for the month of February will continue
through the next few months, so that I can have some extra spending money in
Disney! Right now, that is my incentive. I hope to make this a better life
style for myself in the future and start actually putting money away!
I hope that my experience with the
eye opening world of money spending helps some of you to get your own
incentives and ideas on what you spend too much money on! Tell us what your
incentives are and I would love some visitors at over Little Miracles! 😉
 Happy no spending to all you lovely friends!
Make sure to check out Diane’s blog and leave her a little love! 

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring me this week!! I feel the same way about you, every time I talk to or look at your instagram or blog I feel like I know you and we could be great friends 🙂

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