12×30 Challenge: No Spend February

Holy Guacamole, can you believe it’s already February 1st? Because I can’t!

Today kicks off the second month of The 12×30 Challenge, and Kym and I are so excited to jump right in! But first, we must share that 440 #12x30Challenge photos were posted on Instagram and Twitter in January. 440! We had no idea how this whole 12×30 Challenge was going to pan out, but we couldn’t be happier with the enthusiasm that many of our readers had just in the first month, and we cannot wait to see what the rest of the year has in store!

But first: February! The No Spend Challenge. 

Oooooh, sounds intimidating, doesn’t it?! We challenge you to go the entire month without spending money on anything other than necessities such as groceries, gas and bills. Do you think you can do it? We’re leaving Valentine’s Day up to you, because maybe a nice dinner or a night out is a necessity for your relationship! We don’t judge 😉

Our hope is that at the end of the No Spend Challenge you will learn to be more appreciative of what you already have. We hope that you’ll try new recipes this month, dig into the back of your closet and find old clothes that you forgot about, and that you’ll no longer feel the need to spend money to have the best things in life.

If an entire month feels overwhelming, then just start with today, and see what happens tomorrow. Focus on a week, and then see if you can make it the entire month. Baby steps, folks. That’s how change happens.

Kym and I decided that we didn’t want Instagram to be filled with pictures of products or things that we can’t buy this month, so we’re going to let January’s photo challenge creep through into February. Use the hashtag #12x30challenge to show us what you’re up to each day … and if it happens to go along with the No Spend Challenge then that’s awesome, but no pressure! As always, we will be featuring our favorite photos each Sunday, along with some money saving tips and motivation each week, too.

Cheers to February!

3 thoughts on “12×30 Challenge: No Spend February

  1. I did a "no spend" month in January and it was UNREAL! So eye-opening and worthwhile. It really taught us that we don't need *all the things* and we can, in fact, wait for our "wants."

    I'll definitely try to do this again in February, but I'll be more interested to see how others do this month 🙂 Always looking for new tips & tricks for saving!

    Good luck!

  2. Something that worked for me was making a list of "wants." If I saw something I wanted, but knew I didn't need immediately, I wrote it down. That way I won't forget about it, but can cross it off the list if I realize it was an impulse want.

    We also printed off a monthly calendar and put stars on each day we met the goal. It was so fun to fill up the calendar with gold stars.

    You can do it!

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