December Intentions

You guys, I cannot believe it is December! Its the 5th already…it blows my mind. Things have been busy since Thanksgiving, we are in the midst of packing and finishing up school. I had my LAST day of classes ever yesterday. I have a conference Friday and 3 finals to take next week, and then its moving time. I have a complete mix of emotions about the whole thing, but overall I am pretty excited I made it this far. Let’s just hope I can make it through clinical in once piece. I am currently battling a brutal cold which is making studying no picnic, but I am hoping I am at the tail end of it.

I wasn’t going to make goals for this month because really my goal is to just soak up the magic of the season, it is my favorite hands down. Then I decided I wanted to make a few simply goals to help me make the most of the month…so here they are!

Do you have goals this month? Share them with me & lets hold each other accountable!

2 thoughts on “December Intentions

  1. I really like the simplify my life goal, I recently decided to take on a foster child and going through the process has forced me to downsize and simplify and let me tell you, it feels good to get rid of junk, both physically and mentally! I hope you have a great month of soaking up the magic!

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