Why OT?

I never dreamed of being an occupational therapist. I think I first dreamed of being a ballerina and then at some point my dreams shifted to wanting to be a doctor…eventually I settled on nurse practitioner. Well I went through undergrad and applied to nursing school. After getting accepted to a few places and thinking about it long and hard…I decided nursing was not for me. I just could not picture myself doing that the rest of my life.

Last semester of my senior year at Merrimack College I completed a 3 month internship at Kioko, an pediatric occupational therapy clinic. I fell head over heals in love. What is better than playing with little ones all day? I knew more went into it than just playing, but it never felt like work while I was there and it was so rewarding to see progress the kids made each week. I decided I wanted to complete my pre-requisites for OT after I graduated and apply to get my masters in OT. I am just about to finish my last semester of classes EVER. I finish early December and will be moving to NH to complete my 2 clinicals (about 6 months), I will sit for my boards next summer!

School is an unbelievable amount of work and I may not like all aspects of the field, but I know that I chose right. I love it and wouldn’t want to spend my life doing anything else.

Check out this adorable video for more information about OT, so many people have no idea what it is!


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