Hooray! We’re Moving!

Two Wednesdays ago we went to NH to apartment hunt, we saw 6 apartments throughout the day. You guys I was so overwhelmed. I didn’t love anything we saw, and don’t you want to love where you live? Well it came down to decide what we liked best, where we saw ourselves living, and thinking of this as possibly a one year thing and maybe we find something better when our lease is up. I ended the day in tears frustrated and mad that we didn’t find anything spectacular…some of the places were so terrible.

We official made a decision though and we are both happy about it. We love the area and it is walking distance to so much which is a bonus. I also love the layout of the apartment.

I am excited to redecorate, to make a new home for us and to get out of Worcester!! So excited.

I am also so excited to simplify. I am really going to go through all of our stuff before we pack and donate what we never use. I feel like we have so much stuff and we just do not need it!

December is the month for change. We are moving and we will be finished with classes for good. I am excited and nervous for all the change. I know 2014 is going to be good guys, I can feel it.

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