My secret for maintaining all the blogs I read.

You guys, I follow SO many blogs. I have tried so many times to narrow down my list to must reads, but you guys are just too awesome and every time I narrow my blog roll down, I find about a billion more to follow. I clearly cannot sit around all day reading blogs (I wish!) so I had to find a system that worked for me when it came to reading them. I don’t know about you, but I cannot stand when I see a big huge number of unread posts in bloglovin’ it stresses me out, like a lot. I get completely overwhelmed by it, if I am being totally honest, sometimes to the point where I just hit “mark all as read”, so my big secret?

I categorize. 

I know its a huge secret right?

My categories consist of:

+ New blogs
+ Daily reads
+ All the rest (broken down in sub-categories)
     – lifestyle
     – food/cooking
     – design
     – photography
     – fitness

Daily reads are those blogs that I know I will check once a day regardless of how busy I am. Lara, Kaitlyn and Eliza are at the top of my list!

New blogs are…well all the new blogs I find. I like to put them in their own folder for a week or two. This way I can see if I still want to read them for longer than just the one post I fell in love with. After a couple weeks they get moved to either a subcategory or to daily reads!

All the rest. These are the blogs that I may not check daily but still love a lot and could never pull out of my reader. New ones are constantly being added. The sub-categories help keep it a little organized…if I am looking for a photography idea I go to that folder and so on.

Lastly, that little heart you see on Bloglovin’? That heart is my best friend. If my reader is way out of control and I have limited time I will scroll through and click that heart (the ‘like’ button) and this way I can go back to all the posts I really really want to read because they get saved in my “liked posts” folder. Then I hit that magical “mark all as read” so my reader goes to zero and all those posts I haven’t had a chance to read, but want to read are saved to a specific spot!

I love Bloglovin’ like a lot. I contemplated trying Feedly out, but I don’t think there is a way to import all my blogs to it now that google reader is gone.

How do you organize? Are you a Bloglovin’ fan or a Feedly fan?
Have a new blog you think I should check out? Leave yours below!

9 thoughts on “My secret for maintaining all the blogs I read.

  1. This is a great way to organize…. I have a similar system set up and you're still in my "new blogs" category, but you'll probably moved soon 😉

  2. Oh gosh girl, I am doing this exact thing right now! I have over 400 unread posts in my feed. Sadly I've been away from blog land for a couple weeks because life has been nuts! I'm going through and just purging at this point and organizing as I go. The first thing I did was make my daily must reads folder, all the blogs that make me happy and I feel like I really connect with!

  3. With being a senior in college with a communication disorders degree…I wish SO SO SO MUCH I still had time to read blogs! It makes me sad how much I am missing out of when I have 450+ posts to read and I end up having to mark them all as read. 🙁 But maybe soon I will have time to catch up…But if you are looking for new blogs…you should check out mine, it possibly could be one of my favorites. 😉 haha!

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