30 days of letters.

November is creeping up, fast. I cannot believe that we are almost in the holiday season! I have wanted to tackle a 30 day project for a while now, but not just any project, it had to mean something. 30 days is a long time to keep up with a project everyday so I knew that if it meant something to me I would be more likely to follow through with it.

November is a month of thankfulness and gratefulness. It is a time where we reflect about all of the people and moments that make this life so rich, that make us grateful to be here.

The challenge for November: To send one hand written snail mail letter each day in November to a family member, friend, or YOU! 

I love connecting with readers and I love brightening peoples day, so what better way than with snail mail! Want a letter in November? Need a little pick me up or just want to get some mail?! Leave a comment below and leave your email address so I can contact you for your address! 

I will share how the whole thing is going throughout November!

16 thoughts on “30 days of letters.

  1. I LOVE snail mail. I have been thinking about finding a pen pal group to join. Or some blogger group. I just have to find one. By the way, I tried sending you an email, the email you had listed in your advertise section, but it says your email doesn't exist!

  2. Saw this on Travel Babbles, thought I'd stop by! I've been sending daily snail mail to my husband in basic training but I'd love to spread the love to other people as well 🙂 Awesome idea!

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