take control of your time.

Time is a tricky thing. There is never enough of it. How many times have you caught yourself saying, I wish I had 10 more minutes, I wish I had another hour, another day, or another week? 

Summer has come and for the most part summer has gone. I find myself getting frustrated, stressed, sad, and mad that summer is almost over. I am mad that my last week before school is almost here and it seems full already. 
Where did the time go? And why am I so mad about not having enough of it this summer?

Time went fast, but it went fast because life goes fast, and it is human nature to fill our days as much as we can. We pack them with work, appointments, dates, blogging, and so many other things- and it is our own fault when we let the mundane things steal our precious moments of time. Why can’t those mundane moments be the happiest though? Or the ones we remember filling up our summer days in a good way? 

So today I choose to not measure this summer by how much I accomplished, but rather how awesome it really was. 

Those days we sat on the couch and watched criminal minds for hours, I might not have the chance to do that again soon.
The day we stayed in bed all day and read, that day was perfect.

The day we wandered around a used bookstore for hours, I loved those minutes. 

The day we sat in the doctors office for two hours, I was with a man I love spending time with, so those moments I also loved. 
The nightly trips to Starbucks for lattes and long chats, those were the best.
I need to stop being upset for what we didn’t have time for. Just because summer is winding down and I only have a week left, doesn’t mean time ends. All those things I wanted to do this summer that didn’t quite make it because of time, well theres still fall, winter and spring. 
There is still time. 

I am going to stop hating that our time is constantly being filled. I am going to start treasuring the small mundane moments, because those are what make life, and it can make life happy, fun, and exciting if I let it. So I choose to let it. 
Do you find yourself wishing for more time? Or wasting your time stressing about what you did not get to accomplish? 

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