Project 2/ Nightstand

Aaron and I are both in graduate school and living on a tight budget. Sure we go out here and there, but for the most part we try to live to a relatively tight budget. Aaron and I both have small target tables as night stands, they do not hold too much and I noticed Aaron’s was looking cluttered all the time. I thought hmm he needs something with shelves. I looked everywhere, but they were all so expensive. I decided to make one. I scoured some ideas from the internet and decided to try making one out of crates from Michaels.

Here is what you need. 
2 crates
6 screws big enough to hold it together, small enough to not stick through
some color stain
sand paper
1 electric screw driver

1. I started by sanding the edges and any roughness that I felt.
2. Stain your crates. I left mine their natural color because I hated the stain I bought, but I may paint them in the future. Let dry.
3. Drill pilot holes where you will be putting your screws. I did 3 screws even spread out towards the back of the two crates and 3 towards the front. I honestly have no hard fast rule of what I did. I took my screw variety kit and held up a screw to the side of the crate once they were stacked like I wanted, and I tried to see if it would be long enough. Make sure to drill your pilot hole smaller than your screw, so your screw has something to attach to when you put it in.
4. Use your electric drill to drill in the screws. If your screws go through and are poking through into the top of the second crate (which mine did a tiny bit) feel free to add some nuts to cover the sharp part.

It was such a quick and relatively easy product. I had no idea how to use my drill, I actually was trying to drill a hole with something that was not a drill bit, so I struggled for a while. Thankfully good old YouTube was there to show me how to properly drill a pilot hole.

Aaron has so much more space for books and other things now, its good for my anxiety to not look at a cluttered table!

4 thoughts on “Project 2/ Nightstand

  1. I love love love love this! I too am on a tight budget, so as soon as I save some extra pennies I think I might be making one of these and painting it to match my room! My night stand right now stinks, and needs to go to the guest room stat!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love it! I have had three of those crates for years and used them as bed side tables and living room side table and two are currently under the TV to hold the blue ray player and Wii. They're great! I love the night stand idea too. Isn't it nice to have a new place for things and feel more organized?!

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