a quick&healthy dinner recipe.

I certainly do not hate cooking, but I have those nights where I sit on the couch and I have no interest or motivation to cook anything (except maybe mac&cheese!). Aaron and I had an entire day off and I felt motivated to cook, well 5pm rolled around and I lost all interest. We flipped through some cookbooks and found a quick and easy recipe that we adapted a bit.

Mediterranean Wraps
shredded chicken (we use an already made rotisserie chicken)
1 Japanese cucumber (the long skinny wrapped in plastic one)
Whole Wheat pocketless pita wraps
Feta cheese
(optional) fresh herbs we used thyme

Take your cucumber and peel it. Chop it up into slices and then quarter those slices, you basically want small chunks of cucumber, then lightly salt. Take your pita wrap spread as much hummus as you want on one side, add as much chicken as you want. Add your desired amount of cucumber and then drizzle with olive oil. Add pepper, herbs, and feta as much as you want. Now enjoy!

It was quick, easy, pretty cheap, and SO delicious.

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