Hooray, for July!


I cannot believe it is July. Summer is flying by, Aaron and I have been packing in as much as we can before he has surgery next week. Next week time will slow down and I am ready for a little slow.

I was off my game in June. I did not put much focus into my goals, I’m not sure if I even looked at them once I posted them on the blog. Check them out here if you don’t remember them!

I did accomplish finishing my summer class on a strong note and I even made it to yoga more times than normal. I tried a Bikram class with a friend, and it had been years since I have done hot yoga. It was terrible. My experience at this studio was not good, but I am going to try and go back to give it a second chance.
I definitely did not finish 3 books, but I finished 2 and that is totally worth a cheer, because it had been a while since I actually finished a book.
I did clean out my closet! It needed it, badly. I even bought a few new summer items to give it an update. Aaron and I have had a few date nights and we even ate more locally than we normally do. We made our way to a somewhat local farmers market and went to town buying veggies.

I guess I accomplished more than I thought, it is nice to look back on them and not feel like I failed! Although the good thing about monthly goals? Well they start over every month so it is just one more chance for me to do something I have been wanting to do. They are much more manageable than new years resolutions which I always seem to forget about.

Do you make monthly goals? Or do you stick to your new years resolutions?

Tomorrow I will share with you my goals for July!

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  1. Yay for meeting goals! Which books did you read? There's a great local place called Bolton Orchards that has yummy cider donuts all day long. I recommend them! They make the whole day better 🙂

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